Snippets from my research proposal

For my first post here on WordPress, I’ll present excerpts from my proposed Masters research entitled:  A Study on the Stages of Collective Identification of NPA Guerilla Fighters in Southern Mindanao.

“Simon (1999) stressed that a politicized collective group is a specific social category that is involved in a power struggle.  Association with the characteristics and dynamics of the group basically marks the identities of individuals who are involved in politicized collectives, which is further reinforced by the intentional engagement in the power struggle (Simon & Klandermans, 2001).”

“This study aims to identify and describe the stages of the behavioral involvement and identity themes associated with the development of collective identification of guerilla fighters of the NPA specifically in the Southern Mindanao region. In light of the recent efforts in the country to finally provide answers and formulate concrete solutions on the long sought just and lasting peace, this study also aims to help different sectors, most especially the government and its peace panel; and the concerned third-parties, to further comprehend the dynamics of the armed revolutionary movement through the understanding of the individuals who are involved in it as red fighters.”

credits: from the FB acct of Marco Valbuena


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