New Lens and the “Kaliwaan”

FINALLY! After months of drooling (literally) over the camera lenses in Canon’s display room in Gaisano Mall of Davao, I finally was able to purchase a 50mm prime lens…Nope, I didn’t bought my “new” lens at the Canon shop.

Yesterday, I was scanning Tipid Sale (formerly Davao Sale), an online platform for trading and selling a wide assortment of merchandises, and chanced upon a seller who posted a “for sale” notice for his almost brand new Canon 50 mm f/1.8 II lens. The seller just bought the lens last July 2011 and is selling it for P3,500. The original price of the lens was P4,900. I immediately texted him and was lucky to close the deal at P3,000.

Online buying is not my thing most particularly when it uses the “kaliwaan” method. I experienced, or let’s say, engaged in this economic behavior only twice. First, when I bought two cute pit-bull pups (which we later named Blue and Pink) from a seller from Kidapawan City. We met in Digos City’s Public Terminal. Checked the “goods”. Handed over the payment. And I went home carrying with me a carton box with a couple of turbocharged pups inside. The second experience was the “lens deal”. The seller, Roy, promptly traveled from Tagum to Davao City and confirmed that he will meet me at Ateneo’s Roxas Gate. I was in my Theories of Personality class that time and had to move like Flash from the 3rd floor of the Jubilee Building down to the venue of our transaction. It was quick. We exchanged introductions. Checked the lens. Took some sample shots. Had a small chat about photography. Handed over the payment. And returned to my class with a big smile on my face.

Fortunately, both kaliwaan transactions went smoothly. And from these experiences I was able to deduce that one thing should be practiced during these transactions to ensure fairness (for both the buyer and seller) and to guard yourself from fraudulent schemes: stop being a smart ass and be street-smart. LOL.

On the subject of the lens, it was a good deal. The quality is excellent. Each click of the shutter creates very sharp images. And the price was really good.

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  1. Tessa said:

    that’s nice. was able to buy once at davao sale before… but went on selling a bunch of stuff 😀 congrats on the newly bought lens 🙂

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