Illegal drugs increasing in Davao

A signage in Davao City’s Bankerohan Public Market reminding the public not to engage in substance abuse. (Copyright: Karlos Manlupig)


DAVAO CITY, Philippines-There is a significant increase in the supply of illegal drugs coming in and being dispersed to the underground market in the city of Davao, the City Anti-Drug Abuse Council said.

Attorney Eliseo Braganza, CADAC action officer, said that the local government and the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency have been monitoring a considerable increase in the volume of dangerous drugs being peddled in the streets of the city.

“We have already identified the areas where drugs are abundant,” Braganza said.

He hinted that these locations include the coastlines of Davao and the urban area where bars are thriving.

Braganza said that the city government is currently working on reducing the demand for illegal drugs while the PDEA is working with other government agencies to stop the supply.

He added that the present increase in the supply of drugs in the city is attributed to small players and not to big syndicates.

“There are no big fishes in Davao. What is clear is that there is no production here. The drugs coming in are carried by a few people who are considered as entrepreneurs,” Braganza said.

These suppliers, Braganza said, are importing drugs from Cotabato and Zamboanga and peddling it in Davao because they have no other source of income.

“Money is the great motivation behind these illegal activities,” said Braganza.

Braganza remarked that the selling of illegal drugs in the city is expanding also because of the potential market.

“Most of these target markets are the growing population of yuppies and the students who are coming from the provinces to study in the city,” Braganza said.

However, Braganza asserted that the situation in the city is not as serious compared to the neighboring cities of Davao.

“The local government along with PDEA is working on to control the situation,” Braganza said.

A city ordinance mandating random drug tests in private companies operating in Davao is currently being pushed in the city council.


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