Davao taxis now accepting cashless transactions

DAVAO CITY, Philippines-Having problems of not having enough cash in your pocket to pay for the cab?

Have you also experienced having an argument with the cab driver for not giving you your exact change?

A taxi company in Davao City provided a solution for their customers.

Claiming to be the first in the country, the Mabuhay Taxi Corporation said that they have deployed last July 6 at least 20 units of their Black Taxis that are equipped with wireless debit card/ATM payment terminals.

In partnership with Chinabank, these taxis are now accepting payments by swiping your Bancnet and Megalink cards, the company declared.

Pierre Ryan Tan, assistant manager of Mabuhay Taxi, explained that the new state-of-the-art cashless transaction machines in their cabs was the answer to their desire to bring something that is pioneering in the public transportation industry in the country and at the same time something that would bring convenience to their customers.

“This wireless cashless transactions in our taxis is really convenient for both the driver and passenger. Many passengers are requesting the driver to pass by an ATM because they have no enough cash,” Tan said.

He explained that these taxi units are using the General Packet Radio Service System to connect the transactions to Megalink and Bancnet.

With some passengers speculating that the new service would bring in additional charges, Tan clarified that there are no additional and hidden charges if commuters would use their ATM and debit cards to pay their fare.

“Regardless of any new features in our taxis, these would not affect the rates of our taxis. We are following the standard fare rates declared by LTFRB,” Tan remarked.

He added that customers have still the option to either pay in cash or use their cards.

Also added in their fleet of taxis are global positioning systems gadgets so that unit dispatching are easily monitored and done through a central computer. This would also advise drivers which route to take to avoid traffic jams.

With the new technology, Tan said that the drivers were given training on how to use the new gadgets in their cabs to avoid confusion.

In the initial week of the operation of the wireless payment terminals-equipped units, the company received positive comments from the customers, Tan shared.

“In fact, we have noticed an increase in our customers. There are really many passengers who wanted to try swiping their cards in our payment terminals. This is an added attraction to our taxi units,” Tan said.

Tan announced that the company is planning to implement the technology to their entire fleet of more than 200 taxis.



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