Dutertes firm in stand vs mining despite mining EO

As the new mining policy of the Aquino administration sparked debates and garnered comments from both pro and anti-mining advocates, Davao City mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio said that the city is resolute in its position against mining.

Duterte, despite admitting that she still have to read the full text of the Executive Order 79, remarked that she would continue to implement the ban on mining activities in Davao.

“With regard to metal mining, including gold, nickel and copper, its an absolute no in Davao City,” Duterte said.

She added that with a bill currently filed in the House of Representatives seeking a legislation of a policy banning mining in Davao at the level of the national government, the advocacy to protect the environment from the harmful effects of mining must be pushed.

The bill authored by Davao City 3rd District Representative Isidro Ungab is currently on its 2nd reading in congress.

Vice-mayor Rodrigo Duterte said that the new mining policy would not be effectual in Davao.

He agreed on Aquino’s premise over the superiority of national policies over the decisions and ordinances of the local government, but he asserted that he would never allow mining activities in the city.


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