6.4-magnitude earthquake hits Indonesia, tremor felt in Mindanao

DAVAO CITY, Philippines-A magnitude 6.4 earthquake shook Indonesia’s Moluccas Islands on Sunday evening, August 26, the United States Geological Survey said.

The USGS posted that the epicenter is 138 kilometers west-northwest of Tobelo, Indonesia with a depth of 69.7 kilometers and was recorded at around 11:30 in the evening.

Tremors were also felt in some parts of the island of Mindanao including Sarangani Province, General Santos City, Digos and Davao City.

Social networking sites like Facebook were immediately swamped with posts and comments about the earthquake from users in Mindanao.

Kath Cortez, a resident of General Santos City, posted in her Facebook account that the shaking felt in the city was quite strong.

She added that no damages were recorded in their neighborhood.

Meanwhile, Ted Magalona, a psychology student in Davao City, commented that people nowadays would prioritize updating their status in their accounts in social networking sites rather than ensuring their safety during emergency situations.

“Even if fireballs are raining outside, people will always think that updating their status will be the first thing they must do,” Magalona said.


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